Perfect Guide To Choose The Best Throwing Knife [ July 2021 ]

When your knife sticks its tip on the bull’s eye, the pleasure can be unparalleled. Knife throwing as a hobby is gaining traction world-over. However, it demands your skill, attention as well as the quality of the knife. But to buy the best throwing knife, teaching yourself about the technical nitty-gritty is highly required.

There are many reputed brands in the market selling throwers for decades. When you are getting into this arena for the first time, you might find such information-overload intimidating. It would be better to focus on key market players at first. Read up and learn about the critical features, that an ideal throwing knife must possess.

Best Throwing Knife In 2021 – Comparision And Review

Gil Hibben Thrower Knife Set420 J2 Stainless Steel 4.25 inchesBlack Nylon Sheath1.2 pounds$$4.2/5
Cold Steel 80PGTK GI Tanto Throwing Knife1055 Carbon Steel7 inchesSecure-Ex10.6 ounces$$4.6/5
Smith and Wesson SWTK10CP Throwing Knives2Cr13 Stainless Steel10 inches2Cr13 Stainless Steel4.8 ounces each$$3.8/5
United Cutlery UC2772 Expendables Kunai Thrower SetAUS-6 Stainless Steel12 inchesCord Wrapped Handle1.5 pounds$$4.3/5
Perfect Point Throwing Knife SetStainless Steel 6.5 inchesCord Wrapped Handle8 ounces (shipping weight)$4/5

Gil Hibben Thrower Knife Set

best throwing knives

BLADE MATERIAL: 420 J2 Stainless Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 4.25 inches


WEIGHT: 1.2 pounds


I was determined to pick up knife-throwing in 2021. So when the New Year kicked in, I gifted myself with Gil Hibben Triple Thrower Knife Set. What I adore most about these knives are- they are totally rugged and can adapt themselves to my novice handling. Let me spill more beans regarding their other qualities-


The stainless steel metal of the blade will show resilience, on the off chance you are a total noob and throw knife quite haphazardly.  The surgical nature of the steel ensures that it can survive under any weather- be it striking against a concrete wall or an aluminum fence. The thickness of each of the blade is little over 3/16”. Given the price of this set, the lifetime warranty it comes with is something to cheer for.

Cord Grip

Grip is everything in the event that you are serious about knife throwing. I was pretty scared about the grip quality of Gil Hibben knife set before purchasing it. But once I tried them myself, the high-tensile cord grip floored me with its diligence. The non-slippery handle makes the job of throwing the knife and sticking to the target, much smoother than I have anticipated.


There is a flawless balance in every part of the knife. That’s why it ensures uniform rotation whenever you hurl it towards the objective.


This set comes with a sturdy nylon sheath. When you are not using them, you can store them away inside the sheath for better protection.

Customer Reviews

The 4.2 rating proves that majority of the buyers have shown positive bias towards this product. While most of them appreciated it’s convenience for beginners, others got impressed by the smart look. Although a small section of clients indicated that the powder coating of the blade wears off gradually.

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Cold Steel 80PGTK GI Tanto Throwing Knife

best throwing knives

BLADE MATERIAL: 1055 Carbon Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 7 inches


WEIGHT: 10.6 ounces


I needed a tactical, no-nonsense knife pretty badly to carry along during my camping, trekking and biking trips. But the biggest reason was I resolved to take knife throwing practice head-on. Cold Steel GI Tanto 7” Knife was presented to me by a dear one and since then, I turned into an admirer of this beauty. Since then this is the best throwing knife in my collection.


The Tanto blade stretches around 7”. So you can get it right that it won’t adjust inside your pocket. I can practice my throwing with it and know that if any crisis arises on the road, this blade can be used as a war weapon as well.

Blade material

The 1055 Carbon Steel metal, by which the blade is made of, displays toughness and top-notch quality. The blade is coated with a dark, rust-proof finish which lends a killer appeal to this knife. Furthermore, the hard spring tampering has made its edginess quite unparalleled.


You can do everything with this knife- hack, pierce, throw or shear. Cut twigs, peel fruits, hurl towards the target, or slice through a cardboard box. For a practical knife-thrower, it can’t be better than this.

Sheath quality

The plastic made Secure-Ex sheath of this knife will protect you from harming yourself with the blade’s sharp edge or pointed tip. I travel into wilderness quite a lot. This sheath gives me a secured sense that the knife is locked inside safely. What’s more, the remarkable design enables me to wear it with my belt too.

Customer reviews

Cold Steel GI Tanto is an iconic tactical blade that lures adventurers and knife throwers towards it in droves. The 4.6 rating shows public admiration for its standard or the adaptability it gives to toss the knife- either from the blade or from handle’s end.

However, a couple of purchasers have grumbled that the handle’s surface texture is not conducive enough to hold it with greasy palm.

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Smith and Wesson SWTK10CP Throwing Knives

best throwing knives

BLADE MATERIAL: 2Cr13 Stainless Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 10 inches

HANDLE/GRIP MATERIAL: 2Cr13 Stainless Steel

WEIGHT: 4.8 ounces each


I was toying with different gift ideas for the upcoming B’day of my brother, who is into amateur knife thrower. Finally, I found the Smith & Wesson 10” Throwing Knives. Being the product of such a reputed brand, one can easily anticipate a top standard from each department- be it the material, finishing or performance.


Made from top quality 2Cr13 Stainless Steel, each blade radiates smart finishing touch. You can bang it against a flagstone or get it soiled durian target practice- and the polish won’t budge. The double edged spear point knife can beat its peers in terms of tip, sharpness as well.


The black nylon sheath shields the knives and protects them from friction with any other metal, in case you put it inside drawer or box after utilization.

The sheath material is not at all fragile. Rather its weight can impress you much. Additionally, the pretty embroidery it has increases the appeal of the set.


The heaviness of each knife is decently substantial and it would rather fire up your knife throwing ritual. It won’t feel as if you are holding a delicate blade at hand. To be more precise, the bigger size and slightly heavier weight might make the throwing much more fun.

Aesthetic appeal

The top quality steel will look sparkly when you look at the knives for the first time. Such aesthetic appeal is hard to find from a knife that is manufactured for practical purpose.

Customer reviews

The 3.8 rating mostly demonstrates the acknowledgment this product has received from the patrons. Whether you are a noob into knife throwing or a mid-level player, this can fulfill all the prerequisites with equal panache.

And that’s why this product has garnered so much adulation from every quarter. Be that as it may, few complained about how they have found blemishes on the blade metal after unpacking.

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United Cutlery Expendables Kunai Thrower

best throwing knives

BLADE MATERIAL: AUS-6 Stainless Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 12 inches


WEIGHT: 1.5 pounds


The movie buff in me became euphoric when I was gifted these “The Expendables”-themed kunai knives. There are tons of things that are going in favor of these knives- first-rate blade material, ease-of-throwing, strong grip and much more. Let’s dig deeper-

Size and material

Each thrower stretches around 12” in length. This is undoubtedly a bigger strip if you compare other throwers belonging to the same price range.

But greater-in-size doesn’t imply that you will face any difficulty while doing target practice with them. Rather, you shall be flummoxed with its pragmatic utility.

Each thrower is created from a single piece of anodized Aus-6 stainless steel. The metal won’t get eroded even after you put it through vigorous usage.


The dark cord-wrapped handle is moisture-resistant. Despite whether you are practicing with the knife for 3 hours at a stretch or more, it will not slip out of your hand. The pre-drilled finger holes in the handle makes holding the grip comfortable for the user.


Another USP of these babies is that the set comes in a nylon sheath. The sturdy material of the sheath covers your knives from outside rubbing, whenever you are not using them.

Balance & portability

The sheath flaunts both boot clip and leg strap. On the off chance, you are taking them along with you in hiking or training boot camp, you will find multiple alternatives for portability. Hang from your trousers or tuck inside shoes.

Customer reviews

Kunai knives are popular among knife throwers world-over. Combine it with a popular movie such as “The Expendables” and reputed brand like United Cutlery, and you will get this amazing set that has garnered rave reviews since launching. This is the best throwing knife you will see this year.

The whopping 4.4 rating in leading shopping sites is the confirmation of that.  In any case, few have griped that the handle wrapping might be fallible.

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Perfect Point PP-028-3BK Throwing Knife Set

best throwing knife

BLADE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 6.5 inches


WEIGHT: 8 ounces (shipping weight)


I had always been fascinated with shuriken- the traditional Japanese war weapon. When I rested my eyes on Perfect Point PP-028-3BK Throwing Knife set for the first time, it felt that is the blade I was searching for so long.

These mean looking knives not only perform great in hitting the bull’s eye but also look imposing as decorative pieces in the drawing room. Let’s discover some other USPs of this product.


The capability of each of the knives is gigantic. This centrally-adjusted blade provides you with the balanced throw. The knife is neither thin nor heavier. The former would feel insubstantial under grip while the latter would cause wrist tension while throwing it.

The balance lies somewhere in midway-thus making it a must-to-have weapon for a knife thrower.


The dark, nylon sheath is the perfect carrier to store these knives away in the event you are not utilizing them. Each knife comes with deadly-sharp tip, however, when you put it inside the sheath, the strong nylon material won’t let the pointed edge pierce through it. Which is a proof of best quality and the best throwing knife as well.


The cord-wrapped handle provides you with a balance and powerful grip- in case you are throwing the blade with any of your hands.

Blade material

Silver steel blade material looks dapper and solid at the same time. Even after much abuse and harsh utilization I had made them subjected to- my knives are still shining 5 months since its purchase. The engraved bull’s-eye decoration on the blade has increased its charm.

Customer reviews

The 4.0 rating shows the staggeringly positive rating the buyers have given it. The majority have accepted it unanimously that this set of throwing knives are phenomenal – be it in price, capability or aesthetic appeal.

Though there are couples of customers, who have raised an important point that, this product is more suitable for expert players.

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Things To Consider As You Buy A Throwing Knife

Hitting the Bull’s-eye doesn’t come easy. The quality of the knife is as important as your skill. So what factors to consider before you purchase throwing blade?

Know different types

There are various types of throwing knives. For a beginner, blade heavy knife can be an ideal choice. Here, the blade is weightier than the handle. It will make the throwing part easier.  For pro throwers, handle-heavy knives are the best ones.

Ideal length and weight

For a newbie in knife throwing, the ideal weight should be somewhere around 200 gram. Anything heavier or thinner may spoil the aim of sticking the target. For a 200 gram-heavy knife, the length should lie between 20-25 cm.

Go for round edges

Barring the tip, a throwing knife’s edge doesn’t need to be razor sharp. Rather you should stay away from spike-edged knives. Plain, round shape is the best quality to look for in a throwing knife. Just check out that the tip shouldn’t be broader-than-necessary.


In the first point, we have discussed two types of throwing knives. But what’s superior to both of them is- a centrally balanced throwing knife.

Here, the center of the gravity lies in the midway, so you may throw it from the blade-end as well as the handle-end. This type of knife gives maximum flexibility for someone, who has little experience in this sport.

Non-fussy handle

Non-decorative handles should top your priority list. It has to have either cord-wrapped grip or a plain surface. Finger holes will only add to the comfort of the grip.

Lets Wrap..

Knife throwing is competitive, entertainment and has a rich legacy behind. You can dip your toe into this sport because of pure passion or as a mean of socializing. In both the cases, the knife itself is the second-most important part, preceded by the mastering of the skill. Do thorough research before making an informed purchase decision to buy the best throwing knife for yourself or your loved one.

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