The Best Bushcraft Knife [ July 2021 ] – Comparisons And Reviews

If you are a bush person, its obvious you need a survival kit and nothing works better than a bushcraft knife. A bushcraft will not only make you feel secure but also your best hunting companion. When you sly an antelope in the bush while camping, a bushcraft knife will help you take on the butcher duties and enjoy your meat too. Here is a detailed review of some of the best bushcraft knives in the market. Comparision and reviews will help you choose the best bushcraft knife for yourself.

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Best Bushcraft Knives Of 2021 With Reviews

Fallkniven F1 Bushkraft KnifeVG-10 Stainless Steel8.25 inchesThermorun Elastomer6.4 ounces$$$4.8/5
Spyderco BushcraftO-1 Steel4 inchesG-10 Handle7.75 ounces$$$4.2/5
Morakniv BushcraftCarbon Steel4.3 inchesPlastic5.7 ounces$4.7/5
Ontario Bushcraft Field Knife
5160 Carbon Steel5 inchesWalnut Wood12 ounces$$$4.2/5
Helle Temagami Carbon Knife
Stainless Steel3.5 inchesCurly Birch, Antler and Leather3 ounces$$$3.9/5
Benchmade BushcrafterCPM-S30V Stainless Steel4.4 inchesG-10 Handle7.72 ounces$$$4.7/5
BOKER PLUS Bushcraft Knife440C Stainless Steel4.75 inchesG-10 Handle7.8 ounces$$3.5/5
Condor Tool & Knife Primitive Bushcraft Knife420 HC Stainless Steel8 inchesWalnut Wood15 ounces$4.6/7
Tops Knives Bushcrafter Kukuri1095 RC 56-58 Steel7.75 inchesMicarta1.7 pounds$$$4.7/5
Ontario 8630 RAT-3 Knife1095 Carbon Steel3.9 inchesMicarta7.9 ounces$$4.4/5

Fallkniven F1 Bushcraft Knife

best bushcraft knife

BLADE MATERIAL: VG-10 Stainless Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 8.25 inches

WEIGHT: 6.4 ounces


Feel the military confidence and embrace the use of F1. The only knife that the Swedish defense force use. This is because of its convenience. It has a handle with visible tang, which makes it ideal even when your hands are wet. The Zytel belt sheath and black nylon gives the knife a satin finish while the laminated stainless blade is a plus. Unlike others, which loses their sharpness after few times of usage, this one has a surgical sharpness that guarantees you long-term service.

Laminated VG-10

The laminated VG-10 stainless blade is highly resistant to rust. Therefore, even when you are using in wet places, you are sure it will serve you right and your meat will not be contaminated with rust.

Easy To Use

The handle holds well even on bare hands it actually feels like an extension of your hand. When you are hunting in a rainy bush, the knife holds steadily so that you cannot miss your target.

Customer Review

Customers are really satisfied that this knife fits in their daily requirements. Apart from the size difference between F1 and other bush knives, it endlessly continues to impress the user with its perfect handle size and the blade lamination for longevity. However, with a 4.8 rating you will agree with them that it is the best bushcraft knife.

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Spyderco Bushcraft Knife

best bushcraft knife


BLADE LENGTH: 4 inches

WEIGHT: 7.75 ounces


The design behind this knife has ensured that the knife has at least one of the fundamental parameters of a bushcraft knife 4” blade. The blade is made of O-1 steel, which is able to withstand hacking and twisting, therefore, making it a Scandinavian.   It has a comfortable contoured G-10 black handle with a leather sheath knife carrier and a backup lanyard hole. Unlike the steel made blades, sharpening this knife is easy too and it keeps you dominating in bush with its longevity.

High-Quality Material

Spyderco as a company is dedicated to ensure that the customer is satisfied. Therefore, when it comes to selection of material, they stop at nothing less than high quality. It is very frustrating when you wake up and find that your blade has developed rust due to poor material used. This is not the case here. From the blade to the hand and even the knife pocket, everything is of high quality and will serve you for a long time. In fact, you will replace the knife not because it has worn out, but because you want change. Before they released this knife in the market, it was tested and proved to be durable.

Expertise Artisanship

The reason Spyderco Bushcraft is the only trusted brand on the market, its the artisanship behind its design. Its made by experts on tactical bushcraft. People with an idea of what bushcraft is and how basic survival skills with a knife are important will definitely love this one.

High Carbon Content O-1 Tool Steel

This blade type with 4 inches cutting edge is able to perform in all wilderness chores from whittling, slicing and chopping, which makes it ideal for all your outdoor pleasures.

Customer Review

With a 4.2 rating, it’s obvious clients love the knife. Some are happy that it feels nice and comfortable while at hand. The blade is scary sharp and able to work on almost every outdoor task. However, some have said that when you hold the knife with wet hands, it gets inevitable, which may cause an accident easily. For its price, some customers think its slightly expensive compared to other knives for the same purpose.

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Morakniv Bushcraft

best bushcraft knife


BLADE LENGTH: 4.3 inches

WEIGHT: 5.7 ounces


Morakniv is lightweight, easy to use, razor sharp edge and balanced to ensure it meets all the bushcraft requirements. When you want to use your knife with a fire starter, this is the best for this task it has a ground spine.  The high friction rubber grip makes this ergonomically designed handle to feel comfortable and make work easier.


Total length of the knife plus handle is 9.1” and a blade size of 4.3”. This is a good size for all your survival skills.  Whether you want it for chopping or splitting wood, you have enough cutting space to get the work done.  Another interesting feature is the fact that it’s a fixed blade knife with an anti-corrosive black coating on the thick carbon steel.


You don’t have to be worried about wet hands. This ergonomically designed handle with high friction rubber grip has you sorted. In fact, you can hardly tell you have something on your hands. Its as comfortable just as an extension of your hand.

Blade Material

There is a confusion and people tend to thick stainless steel is the only best type for blades. This might be true. However, there is a difference between blades on different knives based on their uses. For an EDC knife, steel is the best. For bushcraft, carbon steel is the recommended type. It serves long and withstands all forces by maintaining its sharpness for longer.

Customer Review

With a standard rating of 4.7 on Amazon, its obvious that most customers have found this knife to meet all the criterias to make it the best bushcraft knife. It has all the features that are reliable to fulfill the task. Another thing that impresses the customers more is the fact that, manufacturers give a whole one year warranty on the product even after testing it and proving its durability. However, although this is a solid knife, it is good to ensure you put it in proper usage.

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Ontario Bushcraft Field Knife

best bushcraft knives

BLADE MATERIAL: 5160 Carbon Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 5 inches

WEIGHT: 12 ounces


For only about 70 dollars, you are sure of taking your bushcraft skills to the next level. This is where it all starts. Getting the right tool that can effectively guarantee you safety and survival. Although the knife does not necessarily have the magic to keep you safe, with it, you have what it takes to face any challenge and become a survivor.


5” blade length is actually more than enough in facing any tasks. However, with this size of blade, you are sure that you can undertake all the responsibilities within the shortest time possible.

Easy To Use

Ontario, Bushcraft field knife is lightweight; therefore, when using it, you are sure that it will hold steadily on the palm.


Is designed using walnut handle. This is one of the best materials for “All Day Carry”. This material is resistant in every time of weather condition and therefore you don’t have to be worried about the rainy seasons when you have this knife at hand. You will still perform to the best of your abilities without making any accidents.  Stop using knives that will lead you towards losing and start taking control of your survival ability.

Customer Review

All the products from Ontario, are designed with high-end finish. Everything from the material to the crafting is directly for the interest of the user. This is not exceptional when it comes to this product. Customers are satisfied are willing to recommend the product to everyone looking for a good handy tool. However, due to the fact that its to be sold as a survival knife, customers believe it does not meet the standards. The sheath has a problem. It’s not easy to access the knife while at the sheath and returning it is a hassle too.

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Helle Temagami Carbon Knife

best bushcraft knives

BLADE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 3.5 inches

WEIGHT: 3 ounces


This is my favorite survival knife. It has all the qualities of a good knife. Has a sharp point tip to ensure you can penetrate through any animal without fear, pommel end to ensure you don’t have to get a hammer to get things hammered in place and lastly Scandinavian sheath in a pouch style.  The blade is semi-full tang with a piece of wood covering the finger side of the handle to ensure your fingers are protected from touching the cold steel during winters.


The material is triple laminated carbon steel. This ensures durability and longevity of the knife. It has excellent toughness and when sharpening, it sharpens faster and easier. The lamination also helps on the sharp point to ensure that it is as strong as any other part of the cutting edge.


This is a semi-tang item therefore; part of the handle material is the same with the blade. This guarantees the user that the knife is sturdy. The wood cover for finger protection against cold and slipping is a bonus on the item.

Customer Review

If I was to recommend, this would be my choice for you. Although you may think that the price is high as compared to other knives, this will serve you right. According to various customers, this knife is best for camp chores, meat processing, light batoning and chopping. However, some customers still believe there are better knives on the market for the same or slightly lower price.

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Benchmade Bushcrafter Knife

best bushcraft knife

BLADE MATERIAL: CPM-S30V Stainless Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 4.4 inches

WEIGHT: 7.72 ounces


Whether you have a planned or unplanned adventure, you need a reliable knife, which can surpass all odds. Something that will keep you ahead on the adventure lifestyle and skills. Benchmade Bushcrafter Knife will never disappoint. Everything from design, size, shape and even weight are all geared towards perfecting your skills and make you a pro in survival.


Its handle is handy, it is designed using contoured green and hand-blended G-10. The titanium tubing is held together using the red vulcanized spacer to ensure compatibility even in tough weather conditions.


What are your survival needs? What are the things that you face often while in the bush? Nothing should scare you when you have a drop point knife within your reach.  When you do not have to sharpen your blade you can still stab the animal and penetrate through its skin. This is when drop point blades come in action. The blade is made of polished S30V stainless steel for durability and when sharpened, it has sharpness almost equal to surgical knives. The blade is thick enough to be your savior during any outdoor adventure.


The secret behind a good knife solidly lies the type of material. If you want to know whether your knife will serve you longer take a look at the material it is made of. Benchmade Bushcrafter Knife is designed with CPM-S30V Stainless Steel which gives it durability and a great finish. It is highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

Customer Review

Customers have proved that they really love the knife and would not go with anything else. Everyone who bought this knife has actually shared their experiences with Benchmade Bushcrafter Knife and other bushcraft knives and Benchmade Bushcrafter Knife has always been the winner.

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BOKER PLUS Bushcraft Knife

best bushcraft knife

BLADE MATERIAL: 440C Stainless Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 4.75 inches

WEIGHT: 7.8 ounces


Boker Plus is a bushcraft with an elegant and simple design with proven versatility in outdoor adventure. The blade material of 440 stainless steel and great sharpening ability provides stability while the handle designed from the black Micarta provides a superior grip.


Boker Plus is your best partner in the woods. It has been with me through every scouting, hunting, camping I have been to after its arrival. There has been no rolling, chipping or any other problem related to its edge. Its spine is at 90 degrees and has a secondary bevel grind. Its fit and finish isn’t perfect bit way ahead of other knives I used.


The beauty of the knife plus its shape makes it one of the best knives. 440 C stainless steel with razor sharp blade ensures to get all the notch traps and snares done with minimum efforts. When the blade becomes a bit dull after repeated use a little sharpening will leave it as new as ever.


The handle is made up of micarta which gives an outstanding grip. You don’t have to look for something less than superiority. A material that you are sure will not slip off hands even under challenging weather conditions.

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Condor Primitive Bush Knife

best bushcraft knives

BLADE MATERIAL: 420 HC Stainless Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 8 inches

WEIGHT: 15 ounces


Two proficient bushcraft survivors Condor and Matt Graham teamed up and came up with a design of this primitive bush knife. It is one of the biggest bushcraft knives with an overall length of 13 ½“ with 8” blade. The blade has a thickness of 3.0mm, which makes it comfortable and easy to use.


The blade is made of HC which is one of the highest quality of carbon steel. When sharp it gives you a surgical sharpness and you are sure it will take you through miles of service. The blade longevity is guaranteed right from material choice.

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Tops Knives Bushcrafter Kukuri 7.0

best bushcraft knives

BLADE MATERIAL: 1095 RC 56-58 Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 7.75 inches

WEIGHT: 1.7 pounds



This knife has an amazingly long blade. At 7.7 inches, this blade can be used for both small and large tasks alike.  You do not have to strain your hand. It has a design that is comfortable to use, convenient and efficient. Unlike most blades, it will not take you too long to complete the tasks you set out to do. It has a very pleasing design that is both modern and ergonomic.


The handle has been designed not just for the good days, but for the bad ones too. It uses walnut wood that can withstand bad conditions. This means that your hands are protected from injury regardless of what the handle goes through when being used.

Customer Reviews

Customers love the kukuri design that is easier to use, more convenient and efficient. It is also better for amateurs who are learning how to use survival knives. However, some customers state that the knife is heavier than other bushkraft knives they own.

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Ontario 8630 RAT-3 Knife

best bushcraft knives

BLADE MATERIAL: 1095 Carbon Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 3.9 inches

WEIGHT: 7.9 ounces


Ontario is a company that has been in the cutlery industry for a long time. During this time, it has learned what its customers need and how to provide that. Therefore it is not at all surprising that it constantly supplies the US military with knives. One thing this company’s history tells us is that we will be receiving the best quality and functionality from this knife.  This unbeatable quality also guarantees you that the knife will last you for a very long time without breaking, rusting or being corroded.


Blunt knives can be stressful to work with. Apart from taking too long to do simple tasks, you may also end up being blistered because of the amount of effort you will need to cut something. This coated non-reflective blade is as sharp as they come. It doesn’t just come sharp, it is also easy to sharpen and stays sharp for a long period of time. How long it stays sharp will vary depending on what it is used for and how many times it is used.


If you do not want to end up spending a fortune on a knife but still want high quality blades, this is the knife for you. You will not end up spending much more than you have to. In fact you may end up saving money. The services this knife will offer give you more value for your money because they allow you to get what you are looking for easily. It is also the perfect size to work with. It will not strain you or make it uncomfortable for you to control it.

Customer Reviews

This knife is loved by many customers because of its longevity. It is also made from 1095 Carbon Steel and will last for years. Some customers say they have been using it continuously for five years and it is still as strong as it was when they bought it. One disadvantage they found was that the black coat wears out easily.

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Advanced Bushcraft: An Expert Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

As you buy your survival knife, its good to back it up with a book that will lead you through several other survival tips. Dave will take you through other skills that are advanced ad will improve your process of surviving. Basic survival skills such as steel fire crafting are explained into details to ensure you become a pro in surviving. Although you can still make it better with a knife, having advanced bushcraft expert guide in your bag is a plus.

6 Features To Look For In The Best Bushcraft Knife

Solid Pommel

Pommel is the knife’s bottom on the handle side. In other words you can call it the knife’s butt. A well designed knife is the one whose pommel can give you more effects when it comes to hammering and you don’t have a hammer. There are times when even with a sharp knife, you still need to drive it in. Therefore, you should consider substantial and well-designed pommel, which will add to your knife’s capabilities.

Blade With Flat Ground Spine

There are things that you cannot do with a double-edged dagger when it comes to survival. Flat 90 degree grind back spine makes even shelter making and fire-starting easy and first over all other spine on your bushcraft knife. There are projects such as notching triggers or feather sticks for snare and traps sets that requires this type of spine rather than the double-edge knife.


Size matters a lot. Survival knife has to give you more service to make your survival interesting. However, too big is not always good for carving or small game dressing. On the other hand, too small blades will not serve you right when it comes to chopping and batoning. According to my own bushcraft experience, I have found the 10” to be the best size on a survival knife.

Sharp Pointed Tip

Don’t just assume and thick its obvious. There are knifes with round or straight ends which are not best to use as weapons in case of an attack by either man or beast. Sharp point tip, is able to trust through thick fur without compromising your ability to stab.

Full Tang

Full tang blade simply means both blade and handle are made from one piece of continuous metal with attached scales.  Unlike the rat tailed tang whose extension is not as comfortable to grip. When scales of a full tang blade come off, it will still be functional with just a cordage wrap, it will still be comfortable.

Fixed Blade

A fixed blade is more reliable and durable than a folding blade when matters of survival present themselves. There is a difference between an EDC knife and a survival one.  A fixed blade is more effective when it comes to rigorous cutting, chopping, prying and thrusting. Any kind of folding is defined as a weakness.  To minimize the chances of losing or damage, you need to select a knife that will give you dominance.

Wrapping Up..

When you buy a bushcraft knife, you should not expect it to work for you. Its up to you to utilize your survival skills with the help of the knife. It does not have any magical abilities. However, with the right knife at hand, you can shape how you hunt, build, fight and survive, more so if you apply the right skills.

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