Best Fillet Knife – Top 10 Fillet Knives Reviewed [ July 2021 ]

A fillet is a boneless piece of fish, meat or chicken. Whether you are preparing stew, steaks or minced meatballs, filleting is essential. Fillet knife lets you separate the meat from the skin as well as from bones. The sharp edge of a fillet knife enables you to daintily cut the meat without creating a wreck. Meantime, the handle provides a powerful grip. The market is overflowed with various types of fillet knives from multiple brands. When you are buying it for the first time, it might be mind-boggling to explore through so many varieties. It is very difficult to point out which is the best fillet knife out in the market. Let’s find out some market-dominating fillet knives right now.

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Best Fillet Knife In 2021 With Reviews

Check out below a comprehensive comparison chart of top 10 fillet knives in 2021.

Wusthof Classic 7-Inch Fillet KnifeHigh Carbon SteelSynthetic Material7 inches12 ounces$$$4.2/5
Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Four Star 7-Inch Fillet KnifeHigh Carbon Stainless SteelMolded Polypropylene7 inches5.4 ounces$$4.9/5
Dexter Wide Fillet KnifeHigh Carbon SteelPolypropylene8 inches12.8 ounces$4.5/5
Buck Knives 0028BLS Clearwater 9-Inch Fishing Fillet Knife12C27 SteelErgonomically Shaped Rubberized Handle9 inches3.9 ounces$$3.7/5
Shun DM0743 Classic Gokujo Boning and Fillet Knife33 Layers of Stainless SteelPakkawood6 inches7.2 ounces$$4.6/5
Havalon Baracuta Z Folding Fillet KnifeMicro-honed Japanese Stainless SteelZytel Plastic11 inches3 ounces$$5/5
Rapala Fish And Fillet KnifeSwedish Stainless SteelBirch Varnished Handle7.5 inches4 ounces$4.7/5
Schmidt Brothers Cutlery Paring Knife100% German Stainless SteelTeak Wood4 inches5.6 ounces$$4/5
Buck Knives 220 Silver Creek Folding Fillet Fishing Knife420J2 Stainless SteelThermoplastic Base With Rubber Over-mold6.5 inches6 ounces$$4.5/5
Victorinox Pro Boning KnifeLightweight European SteelFibrox Pro6 inches4 ounces$$4.8/5

Wusthof Classic 7-Inch Fillet Knife

BLADE MATERIAL: High Carbon Steel

HANDLE MATERIAL: Synthetic Material

BLADE LENGTH: 7 inches

WEIGHT: 12 ounces


I was on the lookout for a sturdy fillet knife, which would make deboning salmon simpler. And voila, Wusthof Classic 7-inch fillet knife came into my way. Finally, it outperformed my expectation.


The sharp blade is made of a precision forged single piece of high-carbon steel. The alloy metal, which the knife is manufactured of, is of stainless quality. This is a good news, in case you are all for easy maintenance.  The additional leather sheath protects the knife when you want to store this unit in a drawer or inside a cabinet.

Unique Blade

The flexible design of the blade makes this knife equally functional- both inside the kitchen as well as in outdoor fishing/hunting trips. The tapering of the blade gives it a nice geometric edge. The polish of the knife shall last you forever.

Ergonomic Handle

The triple-riveted, the ergonomically designed handle of this knife will give you proper balance- whether you are filleting a fish sized in big or small. This full tang handle is made of synthetic material; so there is no fear of rust or waning, even if you are putting the knife into vigorous use.


You may utilize this model from Wusthof for multiple outdoor adventures too. For a budding chef, kitchen is the playground for honing your skill. This knife is ideal for both pro and rookie chefs-alike.


This handy piece comes with a life-long warranty. So once you make the investment, rest assured that this knife will serve your filleting needs for many seasons to come.

Users Review

While the bleeding-edge blade design sweeps many off their feet, the sturdiness of the knife impressed the rest with its longevity.


Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Four Star 7-Inch Fillet Knife

BLADE MATERIAL: High Carbon Stainless Steel

HANDLE MATERIAL: Molded Polypropylene

BLADE LENGTH: 7 inches

WEIGHT: 5.4 ounces


With Zwilling Twin Four-Star Fillet Knife- filleting- cutting, deboning or separating each fiber of a meat has never been so less demanding. Coming out from the reputed 4 Start-line of Zwilling J.A. Heckles brand implies that- I can trust this tool to persist for many years. No doubt it is one of the top rated fillet knives on Amazon.

Unique Blade Design

The exceptional formula of Fridour steel has made this blade flexible to cut through every type of meat and fish. The patented ice-hardened technique prohibits the blade material to corrode or chip away, even after a thorough usage. The laser-controlled blade-edge guarantees for additional sharpness.


The comfortably molded handle gives you a better grip on the knife when you are attacking tenderloin. The reinforced polypropylene material guarantees that the handle will not get dripped with grease and you can utilize it for a longer timeframe. The rat-tail tang adds an additional boost while you are adjusting this knife.


This knife blade comes with a slight flex. It means, whether you are putting it through a catfish or frozen tenderloin, it will act like cutting through hot butter. It can be used by anyone- from an experienced chef to a beginner cook. How many knives are there those can do everything- from trimming meat to skinning fish? All things considered, the answer lies here.


This sturdy knife can be washed in the dishwasher for easy maintenance. Though for best reuse, hand washing should be the ideal form of cleansing it.


Anything from J.A. Henckels comes with a life-long warranty. This one is no exception.

Users Review

The 4.9 rating indicates how favorably the users have accepted this amazing product. While most of them fell for its practical utility, other’s rave about the versatility of this knife. However, a little section put forth a mild grouse about the knife being pricier than what it brings to the table.


Dexter-Russell Fillet Knife

BLADE MATERIAL: High Carbon Steel

HANDLE MATERIAL: Polypropylene

BLADE LENGTH: 8 inches

WEIGHT: 12.8 ounces


My uncle is a fishing pro. So on his B’day, I found nothing better to gift him than Dexter-Russell 8” Fillet Knife. This beautifully designed knife glides like a dream between the fish skin and meat- making it oh-so-simple. Regardless of, whether you are searching for a sturdy knife to cut through Christmas turkey or oven-fresh large pizzas in your own pizzeria- go for this one.


The Grip-Tex handle won’t let the knife slip out of your hand, given the fact that your palm is greasy.  The polypropylene material ensures that you might use it in high temperature inside the kitchen as well as amidst outside camping.


The high-carbon steel enables the blade to remain stain-free for a longer period of time. The sharpness allows you to glide through tougher or frozen meat in an effortless way. The pointed blade-tip is a cherry on top.


The special DEXSTEEL material of the blade speaks for its sharpness for a life-long utility. You will hardly require re-sharpening of the blade, in the event that you are giving the knife proper care it deserves.

Easy Maintenance

This knife is super easy to maintain, particularly as a result of its sealed handle wrapped around the blade. You can wash this blade with mild detergent-and-water solution. On the other hand, you might gut out a freshly-killed fowl with it. In both of the cases, there won’t be any penetrating liquid inside the handle. This also means its upkeep is quite hazard-free.

Users Review

The 4.5 star demonstrates the high volume of appreciation this product has gathered from the patrons. From its hygienic usage to endurance power- there are many features to love this tool. Few customers felt that this knife works best only for professionals. The sharp blade otherwise might injure a novice cook’s fingers.


Buck Knives 0028BLS Clearwater 9-Inch Fishing Fillet Knife


HANDLE MATERIAL: Ergonomically Shaped Rubberized Handle

BLADE LENGTH: 9 inches

WEIGHT: 3.9 ounces


I am gearing up to become a professional cook. Having a good knife in kitchen has been one of my agendas for long. Thank heaven that Buck Knives 9” Fillet Knife was gifted to me out of the blue, and since then I have become a fan.


For fillet knives, an adaptable blade is a must-to-have feature. This knife has taken it a step further in terms of flexibility and triple-edge system. When you are sweating over scaling a hard-skinned fish, the top edge will poke through the tough skin effortlessly.

Regardless of whether you are opening a pork belly or gutting out a turkey, utilize the back side edge for maximum push. Thin slicing of meat requires extra precision. This chore is made easier with the main tip edge.


The rubber-made handle is ergonomically designed. It will give you greater balance to maneuver this knife in whatever direction you want.  Even if you are feeling hesitated to use such high-end knife, rest assured the anti-slip guard will protect your fingers.

In the event, you are working for 4 hours at a stretch in a high temp kitchen, put faith in this handle that it won’t slip out of your hand.


This knife comes with a life-long warranty- thus making it a value-for-money purchase.

The Plastic Sheath

If I don’t mention the solid sheath with which this knife comes in, the description won’t be complete. This sheath has pre-built holes in it, which will not let the inside get dampened over a long timeframe. There is an attached belt loop with the knife, which makes this easier to carry it along anywhere you go.

Users Review

There are various customers who showed slight displeasure about the constant sharpening this knife needs. Others are quite happy with its tight grip, sharp edge, and versatility. The 3.7 rating demonstrates the latter.


Shun DM0743 Boning And Fillet Knife

BLADE MATERIAL: 33 Layers of Stainless Steel


BLADE LENGTH: 6 inches

WEIGHT: 7.2 ounces


The stunning features of Japanese knives made me pine for one for a long period of time. When I laid my eyes on the outstanding characteristics of Shun DM0743 Boning and Fillet Knife for the first time, I felt this was the one! This elegant Gokujo knife cuts meat from the tendon, joint or side without creating a mess.


The high-carbon, VG-10 stainless steel made blade is the finest example of Japanese samurai sword-making style. This is clad with 16 layers of SUS410/SUS431 Steel, the best steel for fillet knife, on both the sides. This is a famous Damascus style of knife with huge edge-retention power.


The Pakkawood handle is D-shaped which gives stronger grip and better maneuvering power to the holder. In case you are left-handed, you shall be glad to know that you may ask for reverse D-shaped handle from the maker.


Shun DM0743 beats its European counterparts with powerful 16-deree angles- which make it one of the sharpest knives out there. Regardless of whether you are planning to cut thin slices of meat separating it from the bone delicately or filleting, be ready to witness the effortless knife-gliding that brings out the lean cuts.


Maintaining this sturdy and beautiful knife is pretty easy. In order to retain its sharpness, you must hone its edge with electric knife-sharpener few times a week. However, this depends upon the degree of utilization. Otherwise a wash with hot water and soft brush and later air-drying are enough to keep it solid and durable- for many years to come.

Users Review

The whopping 4.6 customer rating is proof of how much appreciation this knife has accumulated over the time. While most of the customers are going gaga over its sharpness, the others are floored with the beautiful Japanese design. There are few users who have felt that- this knife is more appropriate for cutting meat.


Havalon Baracuta Z Folding Fillet Knife

BLADE MATERIAL: Micro-honed Japanese Stainless Steel

HANDLE MATERIAL: Zytel Plastic Handle

BLADE LENGTH: 11 inches

WEIGHT: 3 ounces


I was looking for a lightweight fillet knife as we were planning for a fishing expedition. And Havalon Z folding fillet knife fitted the bill to the T. This neat, smaller knife is the pocket-size powerhouse I was searching for. Boasting bleeding-edge Japanese technology along with traditional craftsmanship, this will enhance the functionality of your kitchen cabinet.

Blade Design

The ultra sharp blade is made of micro-honed Japanese stainless steel. Believe in it as it works for a long time without getting any corrosion.

Great Concept

The cutting-edge concept that is the driven factor behind Havalon Z folding fillet- will amaze you. While cutting through this tool, it doesn’t matter whether you are left-handed or right-handed. It won’t make a difference with this knife. The ambidextrous thumb studs will function admirably in both the hands.

The liner-lock construction doesn’t let wetness penetration inside, while the open back allows you to clean this knife in quick steps. The iconic Havalon Piranta has similar ergonomic design. This Z-folding fillet knife is only longer and better.


The lightweight material of this knife allows you to carry it anywhere you want. The overall length of this fillet knife is 11” but when you weigh it, guess what the outcome will be? Only 3 oz.


The handle is robust black with a smooth plastic surface on it. This Zytel plastic comes with rubber inserts that give you a better grip. There won’t be any more slippage of the knife handle, in case you are working on the chopping board for a long stretch of time.

Users Review

The 5.0 rating shows the popularity among buyers. undoubtedly, it is the best fillet knife in the market. Its lightweight design, combined with cost-effective pricing, makes it an intelligent purchase. However, few users have complained that, when it comes to processing bigger kills such as deer or elk, the knife loses its edge after 3-4 fillets.


Rapala Fish’n Fillet Knife

BLADE MATERIAL: Swedish Stainless Steel

HANDLE MATERIAL: Birch Varnished Handle

BLADE LENGTH: 7.5 inches

WEIGHT: 4 ounces


The charm of hard-ground, Swedish knife is undeniable. That’s why I bought Rapala Fish’n Fillet Knife. I was looking for a knife that is flexible and can cut through a fish –whether it’s of clean water or of salt water. My friend recommended giving this knife from the legendary brand of Rapala a try. And now, I am super happy with its performance.


I have never observed hand-ground, stainless, European steel from such a close quarter. The smart looking blade design of this knife blew my mind with its- full tang design, tapering, and razor- sharpness. an

Quick tip: This is extremely sharp blade, so do use it with alertness.


The Birch varnished handle is classic European. The name “Rapala” is engraved on the handle too- thus making it a quality gift item for any of your dear ones, who is an angler.


There are numerous knives out there who offer great functionality. But what mars their appeal is the absence of sharpener in the package. This is not the case with Rapala Fish’ n Fillet Knife. This comes with a single stage sharpener making it maintaining its edge in an easier manner. Don’t forget the leather sheath too. This proves to be a sturdy cover to shield the knife.


Do you want an all-rounder knife that helps you in processing deer as well as slicing potato wafer-thin? Then look no further than this knife. Throw it inside a pick-up truck, slice tomatoes with it, fillet Solomon or work with it in a high heated kitchen- this one will survive every challenge.

Users Review

The 4.6 rating that this knife has garnered demonstrates users’ appreciation towards this product. While most of them are raving about functionality and durability of Rapala Fish’n Fillet knife, few raised the cause that the handle could have delivered more balance.


Schmidt Brothers Cutlery Paring Knife

BLADE MATERIAL: 100% German Stainless Steel


BLADE LENGTH: 4 inches

WEIGHT: 5.6 ounces


It’s hard to come by a knife which is display- worthy as well as high-on-performance. I was in the same boat till I laid my eyes upon Schmidt Brothers Bonded Teak 4” Paring Knife. The lethal combination of German steel and teakwood has made this- one of the most beautiful knives out there.


The blade is the initial part that will hook you towards this knife. Made of 100% German steel, this is profoundly polished and glossy. Irrespective of whether you are processing beef tenderloin or a catfish, the blade will keep its edginess and sparkle intact.


The full tang handle is made of Teak Wood. This 100% pure and uncommon wooden material makes this knife distinguished among its peers. The fine grip it provides ensures that, whether you are working inside your kitchen or in an outside camp, it gets adjusted with the temperature and will give you better control. But remember, the teakwood handle calls for hand wash and no cleansing with dishwasher.

Lightweight And Skillful

The product only weighs 5.6 ounces but its ability to glide through any type of bone is highly praise-worthy. Whether you are processing pork belly or filleting tuna, you will find no floundering in its execution-irrespective of meat type it is gliding through. The neat weight ensures that you can move it around anywhere with ease.

Users Review

The 4.0 rating shows that majority of the buyers have found the performance of this knife satisfactory. While the price of the knife is on the higher-range, the buyers have discovered the cost-effectiveness in comparison to its functionality. The nice design has made it a collector’s item, while the chefs lauded its cutting ability. A tiny section of customers though raised a concern over the additional care the handle requires, for its upkeep.


Buck Knives 220 Silver Creek Folding Fillet Fishing Knife

BLADE MATERIAL: 420J2 Stainless Steel

HANDLE MATERIAL: Thermoplastic Base With Rubber Over-mold

BLADE LENGTH: 6.5 inches

WEIGHT: 6 ounces


Come Christmas and I am going to present my brother (who loves fishing) Buck 220 Folding Fillet Knife. I have used it already myself and that’s why, I can say with confidence, in case of value-for-money purchase, you won’t get better than this knife.


The adaptable edge is fully corrosion free. The titanium coat makes sure that, whether you are skinning tuna fish or slicing vegetables with this blade for 3-4 times in a week, the blade performs at a stretch for 4-5 months- without sharpening.


The rubber-made handle provides you with a better control with no slippage. Regardless of whether you are using this knife inside your kitchen or in an outdoor camp, you may maneuver it with better control. The handle likewise comes with stainless steel-made safety guard. Many times, food or liquid penetration inside the handle makes it unhygienic for re-utilization. No such hazard with Buck 220 Silver Creek Folding Fillet Knife.


This knife can be folded. This trait makes it easy to toss it inside your luggage- whenever you are going for fishing or camping trip. Any time you close this knife, its length stretches around 7 ¼”. This space-saving trait increases the transportability of this product. Additionally, you don’t need to put it inside sheath for protection.


As expected from any item from the stable of Buck, this knife too comes with a life-long warranty. Give its reasonable pricing, this is no mean feat.

Users Review

From convenient folding choice to razor sharpness- there are many features in this knife that floored the buyers. Simply look at the rating it got and its 4.5! Doesn’t it in itself speak about the functionality of this knife? However, according to a small section of buyers, this knife is not much useful in slicing through medium-to-big sized fish or meat.


Victorinox Pro Boning Knife

best fillet knife

BLADE MATERIAL: Lightweight European Steel


BLADE LENGTH: 6 inches

WEIGHT: 4 ounces


No saga about fillet knives would be complete if Swiss knives are not specified. Hold your breath and take a look at Victorinox Pro Boning Knife with flexible blade. This dapper knife is edgy, adaptable and has a seal by National Sanitary Foundation (NSF). So what are the other traits, which have made this knife such a rage among chefs?


The S-shaped, supremely edgy blade is made of non-corrosive European Steel that will give you greater flexibility amid filleting or skinning. The blade is tapered into both directions. This will allow you to have bigger control, while holding it for a longer period of time or folding it back into original position- once the usage is over.


The Fibrox Pro handle is ergonomically designed and delivers notwithstanding it gets greasy. The effective outline of the handle reduces wrist pain drastically, when you are clasping it for a longer period of time.  This handle will feel enormously lightweight and tougher in compared to other knives in the market.

Diverse Functionality

Do you work in poultry or an expert angler? In both of these cases, Victorinox Pro Boning Knife is the ideal choice in unscrambling meat from bone or pelt. Not only that, you can slice a watermelon or other vegetables with this knife effortlessly. The pointed edge tip is convenient when you are penetrating through stiff meat, before the cut.

Users Review

The pro finish of this knife has garnered it an incredible 4.8 rating from the customers. In case you are a pro chef/works as a professional fisherman or have opened your own eatery, this should be the perfect value-for-money knife in your establishment. Though few buyers have complained that, this knife is too specialized to use it for mundane, day-to-day deboning or skinning needs in the kitchen.


What To Look Out For In A Fillet Knife

Depending upon your budget, usability and the meat/fish type it is going to skim through- your fillet knife varies. So let’s discover the components you must keep in mind before purchasing the best fillet knife –

Blade Size

Do you skin large fish thrice a week? At this point, you need a larger knife that can cut through greater girth of a fish. Go for a 9-inch blade to skin and fillet salmon or any bigger fish. If fishing for only small trout is your hobby, then a 7.5 “blade is the perfect one for you.

So, what’s the standard size?

When you are looking for an all-round blade size, then don’t hesitate to go for 7.5” blade. This is the standard estimate that will work on anything- a small trout, a medium sized red-fish or a bigger fowl.

Blade Material

Stainless steel is the best material for knife-blade. Regardless of whether you are looking for a Swedish knife, a Japanese one or a German knife, you should have the knack to trace the specialties each of them offers. Furthermore, the blade must have non-corrosive property.

Blade Handles

Wooden knife handle looks best and gives it a vintage touch. Be that as it may, it’s difficult to maintain. Rubber and plastic handles are emerging out pretty fast as the next-best-materials to manufacture grips.


Always buy a knife that comes with a sharpener. You knife will lose its edge over time. It will be helpful when the sharpener is there in the package, rather than buying it on your own from outside.

What Are Different Types Of Fillet Knives?

If you eat fish regularly, then purchase an electric fillet knife. This gives extra precision and ease when you glide it through salmon or tenderloin. Electric fillet knife minimizes the clutter. It may come with 110 V wall plug or 12V light plus.

The fish fillet knives tend to have curvy blades and flexibility. Whether you are aiming for filleting small fish or gutting out Halibut, you will find plenty of varieties in terms of blade length ranging from 6”-12”. They mainly come with plastic, nylon or other damp-proof material. There may or may not be leather/plastic made sheath to store it away.

Final Words

Catching a fresh fish, filleting it and sharing it with others are quite satisfactory. Thus, fillet knife is turning into an important part of kitchen cabinet. I would say the Rapala Fish’n Fillet Knife is undoubtedly the best fillet knife in the market today as it is pocket friendly and has proved itself over time.

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