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Finding The Best Skinning Knife [ July 2021 ] – A Complete Guide

Whether you are a hunter or a fisherman, having a hunting knife is very critical. You need to ensure that you own a skinning knife. The skinning knife you buy must be perfect for what you will be doing. For instance, if you will be using your skinning knife to sharpen twigs for whatever reason, then the skinning knife you want is different from a skinning knife used by a person who only uses it to skin small animals. There are many knife brands in the market today and even more skinning knives. Choosing one can be difficult. Here is a list of some of the best skinning knives in 2021. Check out our list and pick up the best skinning knife as per your need.

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The Best Skinning Knives In 2021 With Reviews

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor KnifeHardened Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel4.1 inches4 ounces$4.8/5
Buck Knives 113 Ranger Skinner Hunting Knife420HC Steel3.125 inches5.2 ounces$$4.7/5
Columbia River K700KXP Ken Onion Skinning KnifeHRC 58-60 Stainless Steel3.7 inches3.7 ounces$$4.4/5
Benchmade - Saddle Mountain Skinner 15001 KnifeCPM-S30V Premium Stainless Steel4.17 inches4.65 ounces$$$4.6/5
Tops Knives Tom Brown Tracker154CM Stainless Steel5.5 inches13 ounces$$$4.8/5
Mossberg Fixed Skinning KnifeStainless Steel3.5 inches7.2 ounces$4.3/5
Buck Knives 0103 Skinner Fixed Blade Knife420HC Steel4 inches6 ounces$$4.8/5
Havalon Bolt KnifeSteel2.75 inches3 ounces$$4.6/5
Ka-Bar 2-1234-5 Game Hook Blade With Gut HookDIN 1.4116 Stainless Steel3.25 inches3.2 ounces$$4/5
Elk Ridge ER-300CA Hunting Knife440 Stainless SteelHunting Knife- 3.5 inches, Deep Bellied Knife- 3.875 inches11.4 ounces - shipping weight$4.5/5

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife


best skinning knife

BLADE MATERIAL: Hardened Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 4.1 inches

WEIGHT: 4 ounces


One of the first things you will notice about this knife is the high quality of the steel used to make the knife. What you always want from your skinning knife is for it to remain as sharp as new for long period of time. While you may obviously need to sharpen it a few times but a perfectly sharp knife is what you expect. This knife ensures that you will not have any trouble while the skinning game is on. The only thing you need to do to maintain this blade is to wipe it clean and oil it regularly. You will not have a corrosion or rusting problem.


The material used to make the handle is one of the best. In many cases, you may be skinning your animals in cold seasons. Skinning also involves body fluids and fat. This handle ensures that you have a firm grip of the knife by maintaining the high friction state. Thus the knife sits comfortably in your hand allowing you to go about your skinning without any worries.



While a skinning knife can be a weapon, it can also be a decoration for your knife collection. The sheath and the knife’s handle are matching. You will have a nice looking knife that matches your style and even personality. You won’t have to hide it from people because it doesn’t look cool or looks awful. In your collection, it will help everything look much better and more professional.

Cutting Wood, Carving Tinder, Preparing Tinder For Fire, Skinning And Filleting

This knife is not just perfect for skinning and preparing meat. You can also use it to carve tinder and cut wood. If you are out camping, this will be very helpful in making a fire. It is perfect for carving items you will need for survival.

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Buck Knives 113 Ranger Skinner Hunting Knife

best skinning knife


BLADE LENGTH: 3.125 inches

WEIGHT: 5.2 ounces


Forever Warranty And Durability

I personally love the fact that Buck Knives trusts their manufacturing techniques so much they are willing to give their customers a warranty that is lifelong warranty. This guarantees you that the knife will last you for a very long time. You will not have to worry about the blade breaking of being tough to sharpen. With this knife, you have the guarantee that you will not have to replace your knife for years. It will also remain functional and useful even after years. If the knife does not serve you for as long as you think it should have, you can return it to the company and explain the problem to you. They may then replace it for you.

Leather Sheath

There is something about leather that certainly stands out. It looks classy, expensive, elegant and safe. When used, it looks amazing. When you carry the knife in its sheath, you feel like you are carrying a sword. Not because the knife is heavy or large but because it is well covered and looks amazing. The sheath is made of 100 percent leather which helps to protect the blade from being damaged by external forces. It also looks amazing when stored or carried making you seem exotic and expensive.

Ergonomic Handle

The last thing you want is for your knife to have a knife that hurts your hands when you use it because it is uncomfortable to use. This knife has an ergonomic handle that is easy to use. This means that you do not have to worry about your knife not fitting in your hand or slipping when you use it. If your hands are wet, you can still use the knife and do a great job at skinning your kill.

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Columbia River K700KXP Ken Onion Skinning Knife

best skinning knife


BLADE MATERIAL: HRC 58-60 Stainless Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 3.7 inches

WEIGHT: 53.7 ounces


Enough Belly

One weakness most skinning knives have is that it is difficult to flesh because they do not have enough belly. When the knife has a short belly skinning is difficult and will usually take longer and be more tiresome. In some cases, the knife‘s belly tends to be too long such that skinning is difficult. When the belly is too long, it is also much harder to control the knife. You may also end up piercing the organs of the animals you are skinning. This knife is just enough and allows you to perfectly nip tendons. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you will love this knife.

Perfect For Larger Animals

If you constantly hunt and skin large game animals, you need a knife that can handle larger animals. This knife is perfect because you will not be straining your muscles trying to hold the knife into position. It is also great because the handle can be used during those messy situations when your hands are wet. You can easily add some custom made lanyard and braid to the knife. This makes retrieving the knife from its sheath very easy.


One fact that you will absolutely love about this knife is that it easily fits into your hand. Its handle is made to be the size of the average person’s palm. Having it fit securely into your hands means you can easily store it in your pocket and make perfect cuts when you begin using it. The grip has enough friction to be used even by fishermen as a fishing bait knife and catching and slicing up the fish through its bone. It is perfectly functional even when your hands are wet or greasy.

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Benchmade 15001-2 Saddle MTN Skinner

best skinning knife

BLADE MATERIAL: CPM-S30V Premium Stainless Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 4.17 inches

WEIGHT: 4.65 ounces



Premium Stainless Steel Blade

The last thing you want to see on your blade is stain or rust. While it may not be particularly bad for your health, it is not aesthetically pleasing. Rust also makes it difficult to sharpen your knife. This blade is made from stainless steel. It remains shiny and spotless for years. Stainless steel is also very easy to sharpen. You are therefore certain that your blade will always be sharp. Wipe it with a clean cloth after use and you have a nice, functional and the best skinning knife you can use for years. The blade is also a fixed blade which also guarantees you of safety even when the knife is old.

Users Review

This knife generally has many positive customer reviews. Most of the customers were impressed by the fact that the knife is very sharp when it is bought. It also remains sharp even after years of frequent use. Even when it is sharpened, it works almost immediately. Some complained that the sheath is a bit too big for the knife and does not have a securing thread.

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Tops Knives Tom Brown Tracker #3

best skinning knives


BLADE LENGTH: 3.125 inches

WEIGHT: 5.2 ounces




The size of this blade is perfect for all outdoor activities. If you are in need of a survival knife, this may be perfect for you. It may be exactly what you need. It is large enough to carve wood and cutting twigs. At the same time, it is small enough to grip and use comfortably. With this knife, you will not have to worry about anything. From slicing and shredding vegetables, carving wood to skinning and piercing animals this knife does everything perfectly. If you are not a hunter, you can place it by your bedside to protect yourself if some zombie attacks you.

Users Review

Customers love the fact that this knife comes razor sharp right out of the box. You need to be careful with it lest you might injure yourself. The knife is a bit on the pricey side but it is definitely worth every penny. Tops Knives Tom Brown Tracker is light, portable and very comfortable to use.

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Mossberg Fixed Skinning Knife

best skinning knives

BLADE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 3.5 inches

WEIGHT: 7.2 ounces



If you are looking for a blade that will save you money, this blade is for you. The company has worked hard to produce highly functional, good quality blades for its customers. Unlike other knives that are overly expensive, this one is sold at only $10.  The best part is that all its part are made from high quality material which guarantees that you will not have to deal with parts that do not live up to the expectation or that make this knife less pleasant to have. It allows you to have a skinning knife for way less than what you would expect.

Camouflage Handle

This handle is amazing, to say the least. If you have ever wondered what soldiers feel like hiding their tools in plain sight and having people not find them, this is your chance to experience that. The camouflage handle is also ergonomic and easy to use. Skinning can be messy with blood, fat and water all over. This handle also makes the knife easy to use during these circumstances by increasing the friction between the handle and the palm of your hand. You do not have to worry about the knife slipping from your hand as you are using the knife.

Gut Hook

This knife is particularly useful because of its gut hook. During skinning, you are not just removing the skin from the animal you can very easily clean its insides too. This can be a tough task without a specialized tool. If you puncture certain organs such as the bile duct, you risk making the whole meat too bitter to be consumed. This gut hook makes it easy to cut through tendons and meat to remove stomach contents without puncturing organs.

Users Review

Most of the customers love this knife because of its cost. It is budget friendly for everyone. It is also made from high quality material which is not expected considering its price. However, some customers rated this knife badly because they found the gut hook difficult to sharp.

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Buck Knives 0103 Skinner Fixed Blade Knife


BLADE LENGTH: 4 inches

WEIGHT: 6 ounces


This is a knife that lies somewhere between military grade knives and nice kitchen knives. It has all the functionality a hunter would need to skin and prepare great meat. With a fantastic handle that offers a steady grip and a sharp blade, your meat will be ready in a few hours at most.

Wide Enough For Every Job

The knife is made specifically for skinning and slaughtering the kills you make while hunting. With a narrow tip, the knife ensures that you are able to get through even the thickest skin while skinning. It also has a curved belly to ensure that you can easily get through thick layers of skin. The nice wooden grip prevents the knife from slipping through your hands. The knife has a 4-inch wide blade which is perfect for most skinning jobs. This knife does not have much weight. This knife is not just functional; it is aesthetically pleasing too with its beautiful handle and leather sheath. Undoubtedly, this is the best skinning knife you can own.

Life Long Warranty

One thing that is absolutely wonderful about this knife is the fact that you get a forever warranty. It is USA made product that can last you a life time if well taken care of. There are many skinning knives in the market that cost much more but cannot even come close to the buck knife in terms of durability and the services it provides.

Users Review

One thing that customers absolutely love about this knife is the fact that it can be used two to three times without being sharpened. The knife can last for as long as 40 years. A few users pointed out that the gap between the blade and the guard is slightly more than required.

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Havalon Bolt Knife


BLADE LENGTH: 2.75 inches

WEIGHT: 3 ounces


Blades Can Be Changed

The first thing you will love about this skinning knife is that the blades can be changed. You will also notice that the blades are the same ones that are used on hospital scalpels. The advantage this brings to you is surgical sharp blades. Now skinning no longer has to be a daunting task where you have to sweat and spend hours. These blades allow you to easily do it in a few minutes. You will have more time to do other things with your day. If you notice that your blade is becoming blunt, you do not need to bother yourself with sharpening it. You can remove it and insert a new blade that will work for you. The best part is that the blades can be used to skin both large and small animals without any problem. The blade is not as blunt as it looks, it is very sharp. You therefore need to be very careful.

Users Review

Most of the customers who have reviewed this product are impressed by the fact that the blades are very sharp and have generously called this blade to be the best skinning knife. Customers warn that replacing the blades may be a bit scary and even dangerous. So, you have to be very careful with your fingers touching the blade.

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Ka-Bar 2-1234-5 Game Hook Blade With Gut Hook

BLADE MATERIAL: DIN 1.4116 Stainless Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 3.25 inches

WEIGHT: 3.2 ounces


Quality And Durability

This knife comes with military grade quality. With this sharp blade you will never go wrong. You also get a handle and sheath that are both made 100 percent leather. This makes the knife look cool and expensive. You also do not have to worry about the handle slipping when you are using it. Leather has a high friction which makes it comfortable even when your hands are wet. The leather handle is also easy to clean so you will not have to worry about it changing color with time.


For less than $40, you get a knife that is made from high quality, military grade material. This knife is a badass when it comes to skinning. The fact that it has a gut hook makes it easier to remove stomach contents without piercing any organs.

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Elk Ridge ER-300CA Hunting Knife

BLADE MATERIAL: 440 Stainless Steel

BLADE LENGTH: Hunting Knife- 3.5 inches, Deep Bellied Knife- 3.875 inches

WEIGHT: 11.4 ounces (shipping weight)


The best part about this package is that for $15, you get two knives. One has a sharp tip that you can use to piece and kill animals. This knife is also lighter and more streamlined in case you want to throw it. The other is heavier and more purposed for skinning. It has a gut hook that prevents you for piercing the animals’ organs as you are removing stomach contents. You would expect the company to have compromised with the quality of the materials used; you will be surprised to know otherwise. The blades are made from stainless steel which keeps them from rusting and allows them to be sharper for longer. The sheath is also made from high quality material and carries both knives safely for you.

Users Review

Many customers enjoy that this package is cheaper than other skinning knives in the market. Having a two in one hunting cum skinning knife makes it very convenient. It also removes the worry of what you will use to pierce flesh before you begin skinning. The knives are razor sharp. At such a price this is the best skinning knife and best hunting knife you can grab today.

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What Should You Look Out For Before Buying The Best Skinning Knife


The first thing you need to consider when looking for a skinning knife is the size of the knife and the game you will be skinning. Most people assume that bigger is better, but this is not always true. Bigger knives leave a lot of room for you to cut and injure yourself. They are also much difficult to control. The size you choose should be easy to use.

Killing or just trimming?

Before you go knife shopping you need to ask yourself whether you will be killing any game. Knives that have thin, sharp blades are easier to use because they make it easy for you to pierce through skin. If you see yourself killing game, it is better that you buy a knife with a sharp tip.


One fact you should always remember is that skinning knives should always be curved. Straight knives do not work very well for people who want to skin animals. These knives are used to separate hide from flesh. Even people fishermen use skinning knives to remove scales and skin from their catch. So whether you will be using it on fish, deer or a rabbit, buy a curved skinning knife to allow for smoother slicing.

Blade: fixed or folding?

Should you get a folding or a fixed blade? Folding blades are usually very attractive options for most buyers because they are quite practical and easy to carry around. While this may be the case, you need to consider a fixed knife blade when buying a skinning knife. Folding knives rely on springs and locks which may wear and tear with time and extreme usage. Due to this fact, fixed blades are safe for people who will be using their skinning knives often.


The fact that you will be using your knife in skinning means that your hands will be wet. Skinning is messy and you have to anticipate the body fluids and blood from the animal you will be skinning. The type of handle your skinning knife has makes a huge difference. If you buy a skinning knife with a slippery handle, you will have a huge problem to hold it. Skinning will take hours and will be very tiresome. The type of handle will also determine the longevity of your knife.

What Are The Different Types Of Skinning Knives

There are three types of skinning knives that can be used for skinning.

Bowie Blade Knives

Generally, these knives have a spine that runs from the handle to the middle of the blade. It then curves all the way to the tip. The curve makes the tip a very sharp one. The belly also has a very large slicing surface. The pointy tip is great for piercing.

Drop-point Blade Knives

These have a spine that slopes all the way down to the tip of the blade. Their design makes them easy to control. They have a large slicing surface that is great to work with. The design of the blade makes it hard to accidentally puncture organs. One disadvantage they have is that the blade is not very good at piercing.

Zipper Knives

Zipper or gut hook knives have a very weird look. It has a very sharp hook at the spine. They are perfect for opening up the stomach without slicing any organs or muscles. The hook is however difficult to sharpen.

Lets Wrap!!

There is actually a lot more to than just visiting any manufacturer’s website and picking up a skinning knife for you. You have to consider all the aspects I have mentioned above before picking up the perfect knife for you. Be it buying a survival knife, fillet knife, electric knife, pocket knife or skinning knife there is always a great number of options. So, you have to be very clear about your requirements before zeroing over the best skinning knife.