Buck Knives 0103 Skinner Fixed Blade Knife Review

When you have a barbecue, you don’t always have to buy meat from the butchery. Sometimes, it is great to skin the animal yourself. This way you get to enjoy fresh meat and you can sell the skin you get from the animal. In this tough economy, any money you can save is good money!

As a person who enjoys hunting and preparing the meat myself, I was looking for a high quality, durable and affordable knife when I found the Buck knives 0103 skinner with a fixed blade.

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Wide Enough For The Job

The knife is made specifically for skinning and slaughtering the kills you make while hunting. With a narrow tip, the knife ensures that you are able to get through even the thickest skin while skinning your animal. It also has a curved belly to ensure that you can easily get through thick layers of skin. The nice wooden grip prevents the knife from slipping through your hands. The knife has a 4’ wide blade which is perfect for most skinning jobs. This knife does not have much weight. This knife is not just functional; it is aesthetically pleasing too with its beautiful handle and leather sheath. It looks great with any collection of knives and is one of the best skinning knives.

Buck Knives 0103 Skinner Fixed Blade Knife Review

BLADE MATERIAL: High Carbon Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 4 inches

WEIGHT: 4.3 ounces


Life- long Warranty

One thing that is absolutely wonderful about this knife is the fact that you get a forever warranty. It is a USA made product that can last you a lifetime if well taken care of. There are many skinning knives in the market that cost much more but cannot even come close to the buck knife in terms of durability and the services it provides.


  • It has a 4-inch blade
  • It comes with a steel skinning blade that makes sharpening easier
  • Cocobolo Dymond wood handle
  • 100% leather sheath
  • Life- long warranty

Customer Reviews

One thing that customers absolutely love about this knife is the fact that it can be used two to three times without being sharpened. One reviewer was particularly impressed;

“I have had the knife for more than 40 years. It still looks as good as new. When it comes to skinning, I have had many knives over this period of time and some do not last more than 7 years.”

Some of the negative reviews felt that there is a big gap between the blade and the guard. Not many customers shared this point of view. Perhaps this was not an opinion shared by many of the customers. Other reviewers said, “I love how easy honing it is.”

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Final Verdict

This is a knife that lies somewhere between military grade knives and nice kitchen knives. It however, has all the functionality a hunter would need to skin and prepare great meat. With a great handle that offers a steady grip and a sharp blade, your meat will be ready in a few hours at most. Let’s feast!

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