Kershaw Leek Knife Review

The Kershaw Leek Knife Review

For a quality knife, you need a knife with a strong blade, which is a good size and is sharp enough for great performance just like the Kershaw Leek knife. Made in the U.S.A by a company committed to producing quality since 1974, the knife offers you a great size that is comfortable to hold and operate regardless of whether you are left handed or right handed because of its slim design, enabling you to push the thumbstub outward or simply pull the part of the blade protruding back and your knife is ready for use. It is quick and easy and with a stainless steel handle, it is not only sleek but it has the strength to enable you to execute a wide range of cutting jobs without fear of damaging the knife.

BLADE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 3 inches, Folding Blade

WEIGHT: 3 ounces



The Kershaw Leek comes with a 3-inch blade which has a drop-point blade which makes it a great slicing knife and piercing knife due to its tip which is slim in design. To avoid injuries the knife has a SpeedSafe opening system and you can flip open the blade easily using one hand. The blade is made of stainless steel that is bead blasted for extra

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The handle is made of pure stainless steel for added strength and it offers a sleek and stylish look to the knife. The blade fits perfectly in the handle when closed, giving the knife a size of 4 inches when closed and 7 inches when open. There is a frame lock which is strong and secure, keeping the blade locked in position during use and when closed, it is equipped with a tip-lock which slides and locks the blade folded in place.

The handle is further equipped with a pocket clip and it is adjustable to allow tip-down carry or tip-up carry according to how you wish. It comes equipped with a drilled hole to make provision for a lanyard.


  • 14C28N 3 inch stainless steel folding blade, 7 inches when open and 4 inches when closed
  • Stainless steel handle for extra strength
  • Thumbstub for easy opening and additional grip during use
  • A SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism for easy opening with either left or right hand
  • Frame lock to keep blade in position during use
  • Weighs 3 ounces making it light to carry and easy to carry with slim design


If you need a sleek, easy to use yet a strong knife that is lightweight and you can carry anywhere, then the Kershaw Leek knife is what you need. With all these features you get a practical knife that you can use for slicing, piercing and cutting and is comfortable regardless of whether you prefer to use your right hand or left hand with safety features that ensure your safety not only when the knife is open, but when it is folded as well.

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