Schrade SCHF6 Fixed Serrated Survival Knife Review

In almost every army of the world, a bayonet serves as a sword-like blade, which might be attached to the muzzle of a rifle or for hand-to-hand fighting. This is because of the fact that they might look like conventional knives, a very few are actually designed to serve the purpose of a cutting tool. One of the standard examples of this is Schrade SCHF6 Serrated M-9 Bayonet Knife.

I felt the urge to look out for a bayonet and while looking for one in the $50 price range, I zeroed upon the aforementioned M-9 bayonet knife.

Schrade SCHF6 Extreme Survival Fixed 40% Serrated M-9 Bayonet Survival Knife

Multifunctional Bayonet

The bayonet can be well used as a multi-functional knife. It would come handy as a camping knife, used for minor cutting and chopping. As a knife, the blades are remarkably sharp and the handle is just appropriate. The bayonet comes with a blade length of 8″, overall length is 13″. It is seemingly a solid and well-built bayonet. The bayonet does not have too much weight. The blade is one of the sharpest factory edges to have ever come across.

Fits Well On Mid-length And Rifle Length AR Gas Systems

Schrade looks as if it has tried to come up with a knock-off of the current Marine Corps fighting knife. The blade can be attached to the mid-length and rifle length AR gas systems. After going through several reviews on Amazon, I inferred that the blade fits well on rifles like

Colt A2, Del-Ton 20 inch A2 and Mossberg 590; while it has some issues with Carbine length gas systems.

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  • Schrade SCHF6 Extreme Survival Fixed 40% Serrated M-9 Bayonet Survival Knife is fairly low on price
  • Steel blade has scalloped serrations
  • The bayonet is outfitted with a brown polymer scabbard for protection and safety.
  • Blade and handle material: SAE 1070 high carbon gray steel.
  • TPR handle
  • Handle length: 3.5″
  • End cap attached with 10-Pc. bits, an aluminum bit holder and a bar
  • Carry system: Nylon sheath.

BLADE MATERIAL: High Carbon Steel

BLADE LENGTH: 8 inches, fixed blade

WEIGHT: 14.4 ounces


Customer Reviews and Scores

The customer reviews on Amazon are largely positive, except for a few less-than-satisfactory points raised. Except for a few of them, nobody else experienced the same problem, so perhaps it was not as much of a widespread issue. Other reviews include, “Good Knife!” and “Although, it is not a K-Bar, it is a decent knife, and is worth every penny.

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This is one badass of a knife. Being a hybrid of two classic knifes, it has a handle of a M9 bayonet and the blade of a Marine Corp knife. Do not fear any man or criminal, with this knife in your hands. Bring on the Zombie Apocalypse!

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